Jul 27, 2016

Solutions for Vehicle Mounting Regulation Challenges in NZ

In New Zealand we have regulations that dictate where a mounting device for a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or GPS may be fitted in your car. To make sure we are giving you the best advice, the Tallon team recently spoke to Graeme Fariu, the Projects & Systems Manager at AA Roadservice in Auckland. He was able to break down the rules for us and provide an example of their own vehicle device mounting challenge and solution.

LVVTA Regulations affecting Mounting Devices

The LVVTA (Low Volume Vehicle Technical Association) is responsible for providing regulations regarding modifications to vehicles. This includes “additional and substituted items such as instruments, switches, cellphone installations and navigation equipment.”

Major modifications to vehicles require special certification but so long as modifications fall below a certain threshold, this is not necessary. This is usually the case when mounting tablets or devices within vehicles – provided you follow a couple of simple rules on where your device is mounted:

  • If it’s forward of the steering wheel, ie, between the whole windscreen and steering wheel space then you can mount it anywhere that your vision through the windscreen isn’t impaired.
  •  If it’s backward of the steering wheel, ie, in the cabin area then it has to be within 140mm spacing from the centreline of the dashboard. This may be a challenge when other dashboard functions are blocked by the tablet or device.
Low Volume Vehicle Standard 155-40(01) (Interior Impact)

Tallon’s Tablet Mounting Solution for AA Roadservice Vehicles

For mounting a tablet or device in a vehicle, we would normally suggest a centre mounting system, such as the Tallon Socket used with the RAM X-Grip and mounted in the dash; or the seat-mounted RAM Pod. However in the case of the AA Roadservice, these options were not available.

RAM Universal X-Grip with Tallon Mini Socket

As explained by Graeme of AA Roadservice, “for our Service Officers, we have factory fitted GPS navigation/reverse camera screen in the centre dash of our Toyota Hilux’s, so we weren’t able to mount a 10” tablet device in a central position on the dashboard and therefore didn’t meet the LVVTA regulation.

RAM Universal X-Grip with Suction Mount

"We are now looking at a smaller 8” tablet device to mount off a suction cup cradle on the windscreen or one of your Tallon Systems’ sockets.”

“We’ve just started in-house testing with our new software and 8” tablet devices but are waiting on the next delivery of our new Hilux vehicles for test fitment, due early August."

We’ll keep you posted when the AA Roadservice vehicle fitment and testing is completed.

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