Sep 22, 2016

Tallon Go: The Ultimate 'Adventure Anywhere' Stabicraft

Tallon Systems has commissioned what will likely be the most versatile and best performing marine craft on New Zealand waters! We’re soon to take delivery of one of Stabicraft’s 2100 Supercabs with Sealegs Amphibious Technology, powered by Honda’s new BF250 outboard, plus Tallon’s full range of award winning mounts and accessories.

'Adventure Anywhere'

Thanks to these three key features:

  • Stabicraft’s stable pontoon design
  • drive-on-land capability offered by Sealegs
  • high performing, fuel efficient and reliable Honda power plants

this vessel, aptly named “Tallon Go”, finished in our signature orange livery, will have the ability to adventure virtually anywhere!

The Tallon-Stabicraft-Sealegs-Honda Synergy

“The ‘Adventure Anywhere’ attitude requires full confidence in the engines powering this rig. With the renowned performance and patented technologies found in Honda engines, the synergies across the Tallon-Stabicraft-Sealegs-Honda brands are obvious so we’re delighted to see our engines powering a vessel with such diverse capabilities”, said Cam Burch from Honda.    

The cockpit and interior will be fitted with the full range of Tallon universal socket mounts and accessories.  New products, such as the smart USB Sockets and rugged Mobile Device Mounts for marine applications, will also be featured.

Tallon Managing Director, and Stabicraft enthusiast, Peter Marshall is ecstatic! “Tallon is all about innovation, quality and versatility, so bringing together Stabicraft, Sealegs and Honda as a platform for our products is a logical move. We think that Tallon Go will be one of the most versatile and capable boats anywhere in New Zealand. The drive on land capability of Tallon Go also seems to sum up nicely our position in both the marine and vehicle sectors,” enthused Peter.

The Design & Build Process

The design process at StabicraftFirst steps in the build process
The hull comes togetherPrecision craftsmanship at the Stabicraft factory
Before and...

...after the Tallon colours go on

Watch This Space!

We'll be sure to keep you posted on the finishing touches to Tallon Go and the official launch... coming soon!

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