RAM Tab-Lock™ Locking Cradle for 7" Screen Tablets

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Universal 7" Tablet Locking Cradle With 3 Different Clamp Options:

Tablet usage is growing rapidly, so don't let someone get yours for free!  Keep it safe with the new RAM locking Tab-Lock™ tablet holder.  Will make would-be thieves think twice about trying to steal your valuable tablet.

Ideally suited for personal or fleet use, this easy to use locking holder not only looks great and performs flawlessly, but it is compatible with RAM's full line of mounting solutions.

Spring loaded and form fitting, this compact, durable holder won't take up a lot of space yet provides loads of security. With the new Tab-Lock™ tablet holder, RAM lets you keep your tablet where it belongs!

Mounts a wide variety of smaller tablets, including the BlackBerry PlayBook, Google Nexus 7 & Samsung Galaxy and iPad Mini. Included is a set 3 Cup Universal Ends, locking keys and four nuts and bolts to connect the holder to any RAM components or mounts that contain the universal AMPs hole pattern.

US$ 99.95
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Instructions for Use: Link

• Product Material(s) :

High Strength Composite

• Product size (mm) :

Height: 7.05" to 10.42", Width: to 5.31", Depth: 1.06"; Height: 6.55" to 9.8", Width: to 5.31", Depth: 0.125" to 0.56"; Height: 6.75" to 9.9", Width: to 4.70", Depth: 0.125" to 0.44".

• Package weight :

.54 kg

• Package size (mm) :

270 x 200 x 50

• Package include :

Spring loaded locking back plate; 3 x Support cups for thin tablets with no skins, thin tablets with thin/no skins, thick tablets with cases; mounting hardware; 2 keys

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