Tallon RAM Tab-Tite™ Universal Clamping Cradle Mounting Kit

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 Tallon RAM Tab-Tite Universal Clamping Cradle Mounting Kit for 10" Tablets:

  • Universal, Spring-Loaded Cradle for 10" Class Devices with or without sleeves or cases
  • Rugged, Durable and allows for easy removal or insertion of your tablet
  • Universal Cup Ends optimize the functionality of your tablet, allowing full access to all jacks, ports and power sockets
  • The RAM Tab-Tite™ is compatible with most 10" tablets with the Universal End Cups
  • Cradle Dimensions: Height 9.75-12" (247.7mm); Width  6.4-8.6" (162.6-218.4mm); Depth 0.13-1" (3.3-25.4mm)
  • Supplied with 1" Diamond Ball Base on rear, 1" Double Socket Arm, plus your mounting selection
  • Get Tallon Socket Mounts, here
  • Also available for 7" Tablets
  • Can also be mounted with The Tallon Elite Socket USB/12V on bigger dashes and coamings, etc.
  • Talk to us if you need advice

US$ 79.99
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• Product Material(s) :

High Strength Composite, Marine Grade Alloy, 16 Stainless

• Product size (mm) :


• Package weight :

.33 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

Tab-Tite Cradle & ToughPad End Cups, 1" Diamond Base, 1" Double Socket Arm, Your Mount Selection

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