Two Great Ways to Grow Your Business or Get the Equipment You Need Now.


Through our valued finance partner, Equipment Finance Limitied, we can arrange a rental term and payment schedule that suits your business.

Our rental option allows you to simply return your old equipment at the end of the minimum term and readily upgrade to new equipment.

During your rental arrangement:

  • There is no need to make significant decisions about capital expenditure
  • The entire rental payment is usually fully tax deductible
  • There is minimal impact on your cashflow, and
  • Your balance sheet shows neither asset nor liability with regard to the equipment or the arrangement.


With our Fixed Term Loan option, we can arrange the finance for you to own the equipment you need and any capital gain stays in your business.

During your Fixed Term Loan arrangement with us:

  • The GST included in the purchase price can be claimed almost immediately
  • Interest on the loan is usually fully tax deductible, and
  • Your balance sheet shows the equipment as an asset and the loan as a liability which indicates balanced financing.

We encourage you to seek your own commercial advice on the tax and GST implications when using either of the above products.

Say Yes to Growing Your Business Today...