Dec 15, 2016

The World's Best Cup Holder Just Got Better: Tallon GO!

For years our customers have used and enjoyed our Universal Cup & Glass Holders, fitting them in cars, trucks, boats and aircraft all over the world. Seeing a gap in the market for a high quality adhesive cup holder, Tallon Systems committed to making the ‘world’s best cupholder’ even better and more versatile.

Tallon has ‘one-upped’ itself to create the Tallon GO Ultimate Cup Holder that’s easier to install, and can be fitted in more places.

Packed With Features

The genius of the Tallon GO Cup Holder is that it sticks virtually anywhere in 15 seconds with no tools, drilling or screwing needed. Plus like all Tallon products, the Tallon GO is made tough from high-strength composite material.

Here's what else you can expect from the Tallon GO:

  • The rock-solid 3MTM VHBTM adhesion pad fits in seconds
  • The unique stepped interior allows for different sized bottles, cups, cans and tumblers – with a cut-out design to cater for wine glasses and mugs
  • The rubber ‘fingers’ grip your drinking vessel, stopping it from moving and rattling
  • It leaves an unobtrusive flush mount when the cup holder is detached 
  • The optional bar, post and rail mount allows Tallon GO to be used in a host of other situations, including strollers, wheelchair, bikes and boats.

Installs In Under 15 Seconds

See how easy it is to install the Tallon GO into a vehicle:


Or boat:


And see how you can easily reposition the Tallon GO Cup Holder as needed:


Tallon GO Goes Anywhere!

With an adhesive mount, Tallon GO is not only good for your vehicle or boat, it can be stuck on virtually any flat surface, like on a shed, in the kitchen or garden, by the pool or hot tub! Plus the optional post and rail bar mount allows it be used on strollers, wheelchairs and bikes.

For more information, or to purchase, go to the Tallon GO product page, or contact us.