Tallon Rail - 1200

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Socket rail for pick-ups, utiltity vehicles, ATVs - even the garage or workshop!

  • Comprises 9 Tallon™ Classic Sockets spaced 150mm apart, with one Tallon 12V Power Socket at the end - perfect for powering lights, tools or devices.

  • Mounts to any flat surface using through-bolts

  • Total length 1200mmAttach any Tallon or RAM® of accessories, e.g. Tie-Down Loops, Bungees, Utility Hooks, LED Lights, etc.

  • See our Plug in Adaptor and our 12V to USB 2.1A Adaptor to convert your Powered Socket to either a 12V or 2.1A USB outlet.


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Installation instructions : Sheet link

• Available in :

Powered or Non-Powered

• Package weight :

3.635 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

Carton one Ute Rail

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