Kayak Safety Flag

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Kayak Safety Flag that includes an LED All-Round Light:

  • Amazingly portable - when not in use flag breaks down, folds up and packs away into the flag itself!
  • Comes complete with a single Tallon Sealed Socket and installation instructions.
  • When removed leaves behind a flush, pro finish
  • Includes LED all-round light on 1.2m fibre glass mast, visible from a distance of 2 nautical miles!
  • An essential safety item for any kayak, canoe or small watercraft.

US$ 66.95
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.688 kg

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1 Flag/Light, 1 Classic Socket complete

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It's just what it says - the socket can be used for other Tallon accessories too. And guess what - the flag makes a nice anchor light for your boat that won't drain your battery!

Jason M, Australia

Awesome... Fantastic product!

Tony B, New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know I received my order this morning. Everything including the freebies was included in the box. Thank you for such prompt service. I still cannot believe I received my order so fast.  I will definately recommend your business to others.  

Howard S, Mobile USA

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