RAM® EZ-ROLL’R™ iPad Cradle

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Safely secure your 10" iPad, with ability to easily adjust height, pitch and angle:

  • RAM® EZ-ROLL’R™ Tablet Holder reliably secures iPads 1, 2, 3 & 4 -  iPad Air or iPad Mini
  • Make your selection for iPads 1-4, iPad Air or iPad Mini.
  • Made from durable high-strength composite
  • See our USB Power Solutions too! 
  • Click here to purchase the EZ Roll'r with mounting options

US$ 43.95
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• Product Material(s) :

High strength composite and marine grade stainless steel

• Product size (mm) :


• Package weight :

.23 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

RAM® EZ-ROLL’R™ Tablet Holder with 1" Ball

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