RAM Security Knob

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RAM 5 Pin-Lock Security Knob and Key Knob for 1" Diameter B Size Arms:

  • Replaces knobs on 1" & 1.5" diameter B & C size Arms and Mounts
  • Perfect accessory for keeping your mounted electronic device safe from theft and tampering
  • Offers ideal amount of leverage to properly tighten your mount to prevent slippage in heavy chop or in extreme vibration environments
  • Low in profile and only adds a small amount of additional bulk to your system, compared to standard knob included 
  • At a fraction of the cost of currently available keyed locking knobs, the additional peace of mind and tamper resistance comes at a very affordable price

US$ 15.99
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• Product Material(s) :

Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum

• Product size (mm) :

60 x 40

• Package weight :

.07 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

RAM 7 Pin-Lock Security Knob and Key Knob complete

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