Tallon Double USB Socket for Aviation & Marine

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Enterprise Grade 3.1A Double USB Charger

Takes 12-24V input & puts out 5V 1.0A & 2.1A simultaneously. Delivers enough juice to power Amp-Hungry devices like tablets, GPS's and all other USB powered devices - all whilst blending seamlessly with your marine craft or aircraft:

  • Converts 12/24V input to 5.5V/3.1A output
  • Will rapidly charge tablets, smartphones, GPS's, etc. whilst running navigation and charting applications
  • When paired with our Phone and Tablet Mounting Kits, provides a full mount and power solution
  • CE Rated & designed to be retro-fitted quickly & easily
  • Plastic, Nylon 94V0 Level (Flame-Retardant)
  • No interference with radio or instruments
  • Requires no specialist tools or professional installation
  • Click Here or see technical tab for dimensions sheet.

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Plastic, Nylon 94V0 Level (Flame-Retardant)

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0.036 kg

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Tallon Double USB Socket, Spade terminals, locking nut, dust cover

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