Tallon RAM G2 1” Ball Adaptor

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Our New, Generation 2 RAM 1" Ball Adaptor Combines the Strength, Versatility and Style of a Tallon Classic Socket Mount with RAM's Rugged Universal Ball and Socket Mounting System:

  • The Gen 2 Adaptor features our all-new Rigid-Lock Tab™ for a flush, rock solid mount eliminating even the slightest sideways or upwards movement and minimising vibration
  • Ideal for light to medium accessories, such as  Tablets and Device Mounts, Fish Finders and GPS's etc.
  • The adaptor between a Tallon Socket Mount and any RAM 1.0" Socket Arm = hundreds of accessory and device mounting options!
  • Made from durable, rigid composite, with RAM's HD Rubber 1" Ball
  • See also our Classic Socket with Gen 2 1.0" Ball Adaptor Pack

US$ 12.95
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• Product Material(s) :

High strength composite, rubber

• Product size (mm) :


• Package weight :

.17 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

Pack of 1 Tallon RAM G2 1” Ball Adaptor

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