Vehicle Socket - Single Pack

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Tallon's Award-Winning, Universal Accessory & Device Mount for your vehicle:

Our Award Winning Sockets are a flush-fitting accessory mount which is strong, stylish and unbelievably versatile. Utilising patented cantilever mounting technology, they enable you to attach virtually any accessory you can think of, from iPads and iPhones, to cup and glass holders, plus hundreds more with our Tallon RAM® Connectors...

  • Can take straight pull-out loads of up tp 600kgs - so as strong as your coaming or dash!
  • For commercial or private vehicles for device mounts & drink holders
  • All accessories simply lock in and swap-out, as required
  • Available with black round faceplates only
  • Faceplates are UV stable polycarbonate
  • Get one of our Install kits for quicker cleaner install
  • Easy DIY or shop install
  • See our install video

Now comes with an Unlimited Lifetime Warranty on the Tallon Socket Mount!*

*Excludes faceplate

US$ 29.95
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Socket installation instructions:  Sheet Link
Faceplate dimensions: Sheet link
Product depth measurement: Sheet link

• Available in :

Black Faceplates Only

• Product Material(s) :

Dupont Zytel Polycarbonate, 316 Stainless

• Product size (mm) :


• Package weight :

0.116 kg

• Package size (mm) :


• Package include :

Tallon Vehicle Socket and Round Faceplate complete

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